Week 4: Supplemental Readings—Jing Gu

Traditional Media in the Digital Age

I look upon the contents of this article as an extension of our assigned readings. It tells that what is keeping on along with the Internet coming across the news media.

In this article, data and analysis focus on consumer habits, economical reckoning and prediction of traditional media in the digital age. In an extensive analysis of the impact online media is having on its traditional print and television counterparts, evidence is found to support the claims that the latter are facing annihilation. But on the other hand, even for long-term Internet users, there is only a fractional reduction in newspaper readership. Among these relationships, advertisements will be an important factor to decide who is the winner.


Ahlers and Hessen discuss how data about news habits and advertiser spending lead to a reassessment of media’s prospects and possibilities. As the Internet developed into a ubiquitous source of news and information, many observers and industry professionals have openly questioned the long-term viability of printed newspapers or network television news programs.

The link is:

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