Online Communities

I’ve participated in several communities online. I’m part of several
yahoo and google groups, most recently a group of educators discussing
the world of podcasting in k12 spaces. Additionally, I’m part of
several listservs and wikis at work. My gut reaction, I’m not a fan.

coming to the UW, I was part of an online degree program that I found
to be not very helpful. I need the face to face interaction in order to
be successful. Although, on the flipside, I met my partner Mikael
online in a chatroom. So, I can’t be too critical. Like any group, I
feel we’ll gravitate towards a group for the time it serves a purpose
in our lives. The online world just makes it easier to geo-shift; if
there aren’t people that share a similar ideal close to home, I know
there will be others online that do.

For an additional read, I liked this editorial about the online community and the architecture of the space dictating "community" popularity.  Is less truly more?

The Second Coming of Community Websites by Bradley Kay


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