The Condo and the Keyboard

This week’s readings examined the role of the web and how the various communications mediums create “virtual communities”. While it’s important to note the distinctions between the friends you play “Disc” with on Sundays and the friends you play Warcraft with on Sunday night (over the Internet, across the world), I think the wrong questions are being asked about the Internet as a communication medium and the distinctions between these communities and the ones in “real” life.

Quality, balance and sincerity

The Internet is no more dangerous to the future of healthy and balanced relationships than…

Condo Development.

Each has the potential to compartmentalize the inhabitants (or in the case of the virtual community, the “user”) and disrupt a traditional way of living. It’s important to note that each can also be a host to a healthy, balanced, and welcoming community. Previously I lived in a horrifically disconnected condo high-rise where no one knew their neighbor and the term community was embraced about as much as the razor wire that topped the fences.

Condo’s don’t inherently carry this quality though. Currently I live in a community of condos where the inhabitants are neighbors- in the true definition of the word, and a sense of responsibility to sustain this connectivity is palpable.

The relationships we share in the real world mirror those on Blogs, IM, and tools like MySpace so closely that I would suggest that we start talking about the new types of relationships and communities we have, irregardless of whether they form on the street or on the information superhighway (I just had to through in that bit of jargon).

Joel B.

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  • Meg  On 8 November 2005 at 8:28 am

    Point well taken and succinct to boot. As someone whose idea of online community is reading listservs, I found all the readings fascinating and I actively decided not to go down the woe is us road in thinking about communities.

    Not being a gamer, I’m looking forward to finding some blogs or cyber communities that speak to some issues I’m interested in.


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