Lev Manovich listed five primary characters of New Media: Numerical representation, Modularity, Automation, Variability, Transcoding. Except Numerical representation, I think the rest four “Characters” can be described as content programmable. Actually, that are the computer system and related software make the content, the numerical representative content, programmable. The computer data storage structure makes it possible for the content numerical representation.

Except the five listed characters of New Media, I think the more basic/primary or instinctive Characters of new media are:

Theoretic Perspective: Universal Numerical Content Format,

Content Creating Perspective:  Content Programmable

Content Distributing Perspective: Storage + Presentation +Feed

Content Consuming Perspective: Selecting On-demand (content itself, content type etc.)

I hope the following url link will help folks to understand the basic compter data storage structure and how numerical content realize in computer system :-)

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