Online Communities…

My experience in online communities is limited… Friendster was fun for about 5 minutes as I set myself up as "Santa Claus", which routed some amusing posts my way.

But, I have been lurking and occasionally posting in news groups for quite a few years. The most useful is one is for families of gifted children – providing resources etc (and for the record, I think all children are gifted). Some parents post all kinds of information about their children. Test scores, special education stuff, trouble with teachers, information on specific schools – its all on the internet.

In one instance, we haven’t seen a girl from my daughter’s old Brownie troop for 4 years, yet I know what the girl scored on 4 consecutive failed attempts at getting into the Seattle Public school’s highly gifted program, that she is about to get kicked out of her new school and that she spent most of last year in detention. Isn’t this stuff to speak to your family about, not 2500 strangers? The poor girl is transparent and she’s only 11…

Another question I have is – what about the kids who are "growing up" in online communities. I have a friend that homeschools her son, so he can play video games with his friends – who are from the U.S. and other countries. His mom says that he’s "Just not social". He’s 15 and hasn’t gone to school (and I dare say) left the house in three years! His virtual girlfriend lives in Chicago and he’s never met her. HUH?

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