Week8- Dian

Does the newspaper have a future?

In this paper, the author compares the effects of the Internet on political knowledge with other print news sources using a pooled sample from repeated surveys of two communities. And though the results of the study reveal that, at of the time of our study, most people use the Internet in conjunction with other national and local news sources, he suspects that over time Internet may become more of a substitute for traditional newspapers and magazines than a supplement.

The topic has been argued for many years, from the invention of TV, people worried that radio will disappear, from the incoming of digital media, people found the status of all the traditional media are gradually losing readers, listeners and viewers. It’s true that the Washington Post has seen average daily circulation drop from 779,898 to 709,500 in the past five years; the same situation exists in China, the ad-rate of Beijing Youth Daily declined 30.2% from January to August, comparing with the same time of last year. It’s evidently every country in front of the same problem– newspapers will have to rethink much of what they do to survive.

We could see that nearly all papers have established strong sites on the Internet, most with free-access models supported by advertising, making their reach broader than ever.

I think as the author said, the dominance of newspapers maybe surpassed since more people have more access to more information in a more timely manner than ever before. However, there is value in the portability, convenience, durability, and the pure tactility of the physical paper that the Internet will never replace. So I think newspaper will still be someone’s choice, as the same as books.

Blog experience

Before I write this assignment, I just read one message from one of my high school classmates who left in our Class web page. She left the URL of her msn space, and then I know her life in Dalian, the beautiful seaside city. I have not seen her for totally 4 years… It’s pretty happy to enjoy her colorful life. Not just so, I also read many blogs of her good friends- which are also my classmates in the elementary school, from the hypertext link of her blog. These friends are in Germany, Swiss, Shanghai and so on. I have not seen some of them for nearly 10 years! They made me fall into the memory of my elementary school life…

As someone said, of only one reader, your blog is diary; of several tens of reader, your blog is share with friends; of several hundreds of reader, your blog is a kind of influence; of several thousands of reader, your blog is a media. Blog declares the coming of individual media age. Everyone can be the king of his kingdom.

I am not a good gardener of my garden, since the blog I opened 10 months ago was a secret garden, I just blog the diary and I am the only reader. I am always negligent and indolent…..

For me, blog is also a new way of learning, especially podcast, I could use it to learn English. Before podcast, we also download English Mp3 from BBS, but podcast makes us communicate easily. I wish in this winter vacation, I could have my own podcast!

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