The Wiki-Wand

In exchange of beginning this post with a summary, I would like to begin it with a question developed from the reading…

Has the quality of the information we are receiving through the media, in all the modern forms, improved or decreased in quality?

This question arose after I read From Tim Paine to Blogs and Beyond. The author outlines the transition in journalism, recounting history’s hightlights (1950,60,70 tv and print journalism), and horrors (yellow journalism).

The article paints the current field of journalism as being heavily influenced by the mass of content developed and distributed by citizens, primarily using blogging tools.

While the article ends abruptly after noting the power and significance of a blog started in the aftermath of Sept. 11th (and ensuing rights restrictions), the discussion encourages the reader to wonder… what’s next.

We’ve incorporated the media sources (ownership to all who can afford), extended the reach of content (with the use of the internet), and largely decentralized content development (through blogs). One thing that hasn’t been addressed is quality. Is there a tool or way of improving the mass of content that is currently being distributed?

Is there a Wiki-Wand that we can wave?

-Joel B.

(Alliteration Rocks!)

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