We have no choice: the reason why some media person use Blogchina

We have no choice: the reason why some media person use Blogchina

In year 2003, one of my friends told me Mr. Xingdong Fang launched a Blogger website name www.blogchina.com. I spent 5 minutes to surf on his blogchina and felt a bit of sad, because Mr. Fang, one of my friend hunted another god domain name after www.chinalabs.com, Joking :p

Actually, I didn’t take so seriously for his blogchina. But in year 2004 some of contacts in the media industry complained to me: I hate blogchina, but I have no choice other than be a blogger in Fang’s Blogchina.

Fang used to be a famous contributor and columnist. If you ask a taxi driver inBeijing

: do you know the blogchina? I am 99.99% sure he or she will say no. But if you ask him or her, do you know guy debate with Microsoft for the piracy issue in CCTV (China Central Television). I guess 20% of taxi driver will say yes or probably! I think the PR manager of MS will be shocked for their mind share in


. As a former contributor, Fang know the media people very well. And he used his off-line networks to make the major media companies, the famous contributors and the columnists have their blogger space in less than half a year. The annotated bolggers nearly need to do nothing to have and maintain the blogger space. Fang’s staff will open an account for each of them and aggregate and post article for each of them. Yes, at the beginning on one treat it so seriously. But one year after that, the next group of media less famous than the previous group feel the pressure of the eyeball attracting issue , so they keep on complain about the blogchina but at same time most of they will open an account and post their articles periodically! Because, they need to stand along with the most famous most famous group to attract the eyeball.

Fang’s blogchina is famous inChina recently; its Alex’s ranking is 88th today,

http://www.alexa.com/… .

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