Group 6 – What New Media Is Not

What New Media Is Not from The Language of New Media by Lev Manovich

Differences between new and old media:

  1. New media is analog media converted to a digital representation.
  2. All digital media share the same digital code.
    (which means digital media allow different types of files to be displayed in the same computer)
  3. New media allows for random access.
  4. Digitization inevitably involves loss of information.
  5. Digital media can be copied endlessly without degradation.
    (especially in quality, like tape or VHS)
    (the JEPG format, which is used to store still images, and MPEG, which is used to store digital video on DVD.)
  6. New media is interactive.
    (in this way the user becomes the co-author of the work)


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