Week 1 – Class Notes

We’ll meet at 6 pm Tuesday in COM302. Our agenda for the evening:

  • Introduction to course
  • Jessica Albano, UW Librarian, on using the library and finding/citing sources (Allen Auditorium)
  • Course Goals/Introductions/Peer Group Session
  • Create WordPress Blog


Course Project:
Discussion of papers, proposals. Proposals (project abstract) should provide overview of the focus of each of the papers (methodology).


  • In Lab: Create and configure your blog (WP How To’s). Be use to use an e-mail address that you can access from the lab so that you can activate the blog tonight!
  • In Lab: Create a post so that your blog is active (editing the “Hello, World” post does this, too)
  • In Lab: Please send me an e-mail with the URL for your blog before leaving the lab.
  • Due Sunday: First reading reflection.
  • Due Tuesday: First comment. Read the reading reflections of your peer group and comment on one.

Other Info:
Office Hours : by appointment
Office : 251B Communications Building.
Contact: If you need to reach me F/S/S the best thing is to mail me at kegill – at – gmail – dot – com and mark the mail urgent! Always use clear subject lines.

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