Week 3 Class Notes

Communication and Adoption, Theories and Practice (2)

  • Peer Group Discussion (Reading Discussion, see your questions)
  • Food break
  • Peer Group (Proposal)
  • Process for Week 4 (Group 1 is the first group to lead discussion)
  • Lecture/Discussion
  • Process for next stage of proposal
  • Tips for writing a book review

Recap from Week 2 –

Slides at Slideshare

Discussion Summaries

Book Poll

  • The Cluetrain Manifesto
    Bonnie, Corey, Kirk
  • The Death of Distance
    Adriana, Amy, ChrisC, Sarah, Sharlen
  • Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace
    Adam, Brian, Mark, Yen-Ching
  • Peer-to-Peer: Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies

This week’s multimedia:
Number 1 (in class)

Background on the video. Relevant on many levels — catch the technology reference? We’ll talk more about McLuhan later in the quarter.

Number 2 (on your own!)
Century 21 Calling (also mpg4)

This week’s peer group discussion of readings:

  1. How is Christensen’s model of adoption affected by decisions at the business enterprise level — iow, customers (employees) are required to use technologies purchased by the business? Think about appliances in rental units or spec homes. :)
  2. Why haven’t all authoritarian regimes rigorously controlled how their property is delivered on YouTube?
  3. How has your mobile phone affected (+/-) your personal and professional relationships? Why do you own a mobile phone? How old is it?
  4. What values or biases impede our ability to fail to see opportunities in emerging technologies?
  5. How does the current software development cycle (add more features with each iteration) fit into Christensen’s theories?

Process for Week 4
(Group 1 is the first group to lead discussion)

  • Group 1 has an extra reading. Plus, each member finds a scholarly article that fits the topic.
  • Prepare abstract & citation
  • Prepare PPT (or some structured presentation) that links readings/theme for the week
  • Class will be divided into small groups
  • Round-robin discussion – approximately 15-20 minutes (present & discuss)
  • All info posted to blog


Process for next step of proposal.
Draft goes on your blog as a page post
Draft due 19 October @ 7 pm

Writing a Book Review (from the assignments page)
Please bring three hard-copies of the book review with you next week.

Creating Pages In WordPress: A Step-by-Step

Suggested Process for Working on Proposals to Prepare for the Draft

  • Login and check your feedback from your peer group
  • Review the criteria for proposals (assignment, supplemental)
  • Change your questions from closed-end to open-ended
  • Rewrite your initial statement based on the feedback you’ve gotten
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