Class Notes – Week 4

Notes for tonight’s class:

  • Multi-media (Warriors of the Net)
  • Review adoption theory
  • Food break
  • Multi-media (World’s Fair/telephony – Internet Archive, IMDB)
  • Discussion – Victorian Internet
  • Discussion Leaders – Group 1
  • Small groups (triads) formed for remainder of quarter writing feedback
  • Next steps on papers

Last week’s Group discussion reports:

Good examples of proposals (almost complete)

Interesting reading reflections (for insights, prose)

Question for tonight’s discussion (Victorian Internet):

How can internet technology/industry be explained from the viewpoints in The Victorian Internet?

Consider the framing in these questions:

  • Society & Technology : what factors lead to adoption of technologies? See:
    • According to the Victorian Internet, we’ve been trying to send more data, further away and faster, even before Morse’s time. Why do we keep pursuing this?
    • In the Victorian Internet, the telegraph, as non personal as it may seem to us today, still resulted in romances between people that had never met face to face. Nowdays, entire web sites are dedicated to services that result in romance. Why do we seek out non-traditional means of forming important interpersonal relationships?
    • Bush mentions voice recognition technology in his predictions of what might take off in the future. We use voice recognition software when we call a company and get their customer service computer, but it hasn’t really taken off in other ways. Why not?
  • Technology Today

    • July of 1945 marked a devastating time for some scientists, leaving them pondering their inventions, and their ethics. What current communication technologies do you think are powerful enough to have the same effect, and why?
    • Imagine you are a Victorian time-traveler. What would impress you the most about the technology of today? What technologies would seem familiar? Why?
  • Supervening social necessity:
    • What social necessities are presently driving [communication] innovation? ‘
    • Why do we, society, decide to fund long-range research that may or may not “pay off”? How might the privatization of research in the US impact future innovation?

Students Group into Triads

  • You’ll be helping one another with writing the rest of the quarter
    • Review drafts of each paper
    • Provide feedback on final versions of book reviews
  • See writing research papers
  • Share printed copy of review
    • Jot notes on the review to return next week (or agree to use comments – your choice)
    • Questions to cover in your feedback:
      • Does the review have a clear beginning – middle – end?
      • Are the transitions between paragraphs, ideas and sections smooth?
      • Is the conclusion convincing?
      • Is the writing style appropriate or is it too conversational?
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