Week 4 – Post-Class Notes

[From the email]
Hello, everyone!

Thank you for your feedback RE The Victorian Internet. I had not assigned this book before, so your feedback is very important. It sounds like a winner. :)

To the folks in Group 1 — yes, you had more material to juggle than the rest of the class in getting ready for your discussion session at the same time that you had a book review due. However, the date for the review has been a “known” entity since the start of the quarter — to help everyone manage their time. And just think, you’re free of external responsibilities for the rest of the quarter! :)

[Aside & Nudge: everyone should have picked their second book by now!]

In response to small group discussion question: sometimes I will assign separate questions and sometimes the same question. Sometimes you may have to develop your own question. This is not only because “variety is the spice of life.” It is also because you each bring a different set of experiences and world views to the class — and there is no way that I can capture the breadth of that diversity, even when I pick amongst student-generated questions.

In response to “the website is confusing” statement. I again plead, if anyone has a problem with the website, please give me a specific problem, eg, “I can’t find the assignment.” This is the only way I can help make it easier to navigate.

I bring this last feedback comment into this post-class email for another reason:

When providing feedback to one another on writing or ideas, saying something is “good” or “confusing” is not sufficiently helpful. Those judgments need to be followed by evidence, a specific example that demonstrates why you formed the judgment. This is the only way that we can improve our writing or know which paths to continue and which to reconsider.

Finally, a reminder that the final proposal* is due 26 October @ 7 pm via Collect-It, which is linked in the blog “blogroll” section of the right-hand navigation (so you don’t have to remember this email!)

* proposal details: https://com546.wordpress.com/assignments/proposal/
* paper details: https://com546.wordpress.com/assignments/papers/
* annotated bibliography details: https://com546.wordpress.com/assignments/annotations/


* some of you may still find yourselves modifying your idea between now and the first draft of the paper. no penalty there from me – the only penalty is (your) time


Kathy E. Gill
Senior Lecturer
Digital Media Program
Department of Communication
University of Washington
Box 353740 Seattle WA 98195 USA
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