Week 5 – Class Notes

  • Multi-media
  • Guest Speaker: Alex Dunne
  • Food break
  • Stats Note
  • Discussion – Gillmor – your questions
  • Discussion Leaders – Group2
  • Triads share book review comments (if you haven’t already done this electronically)
  • Next week: start time is 6.20!

MultiMedia from the BBC

Alex M. Dunne

Alex is a writer and consultant in Seattle who spent a good deal of his life with an online zine/community called the Blue Ear, a global current affairs zine. Review zine, forum. From journalism at NYU (note: the tense should be “past” not “present”)

Blue Ear is an editorial partnership publishing international journalism and writing in a variety of digital formats.

blue ear

Presentation PDF.

Stats Note: Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism

  • State of the News Media 2007

    • There are growing questions about whether the dominant ownership model of the last generation, the public corporation, is suited to the transition newsrooms must now make.
    • Blogging is on the brink of a new phase that will probably include scandal, profitability for some, and a splintering into elites and non-elites over standards and ethics. The use of blogs by political campaigns in the mid-term elections of 2006 is already intensifying in the approach to the presidential election of 2008.

Gillmor & Alex- your questions/discussion

We The Media – published 2004, developed via Dan Gillmor’s blog in 2003

Group 2 – discussion leaders

Slides from last week on SlideShare.

Last week’s Group discussion reports:

Group 1 – resources, reactions to Presentations

Book Reviews

Only 18 people gave me a printed copy; 16 of those have been graded. Two have no name — care to claim? I’ll grade these two (and the remainder) after I finish the proposals (expect to finish those on Wednesday).

Share feedback with your triad. Reviews of note:

Bonus YouTube Clip on Medicine/Health evolution:

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