Week 6 – Class Notes

Class begins at 6.20 pm

  • Multi-media
  • Stats Note
  • Guest Lecture: Dr. Gina Neff
  • Housekeeping/assignments
  • Discussion Leaders – Group 3 (your questions)
  • Triads meet to talk about papers

1. MultiMedia to open the evening

Web2.0 relies on and facilitates “community” … Slashdot, Flickr, Del.icio.us, SecondLife

2. Stats Note
Online community activity, from your blog posts:

  • 8 – discussion boards / message boards / forums / BBs
  • 4 – chat
  • 3 – listservs / mailing lists / usenet
  • 3 – blogs / wikis / facebook / etc
  • 2 – gaming
  • 1 – online dating

Internet activities, from Pew (range of dates)

  • 39% – Read journal/blog
  • 39% – Send IM
  • 36% – Use Wikipedia
  • 22% – Chat
  • 16% – Use social networking site
  • 12% – Participate in online discussion, listserv etc

3. Guest Lecture: Dr. Gina Neff
Gina Neff, Assistant Professor, studies the relationship between society and communication technologies, as well as between culture and communication. Her research focuses on 1) how work, communication technologies, and organizational structures relate to one another and 2) the commercial production of mediated culture in communication industries. She holds both a Ph.D. in sociology and a B.A. in economics and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures from Columbia University.

4. Your work & housekeeping:

This week’s assignments:
Draft of paper 1 (the past) is due on 9 November at 7 pm . This is a page on your blog (just like the draft proposal) and should be linked on your COM546 papers page (the contents page for your public deliverables).

The more refined your draft, the better the chance for helpful feedback. See writing research papers, writing the draft.

Decide amongst yourselves how your writing group (triads) is providing feedback (public or private). See writing research papers, revising the draft (includes a list of possible questions for reviewers).

Reminder – class participation grade:
Provide substantive comment (150-200 words) on a on peer member blog post (reading reflection) at least four times during the quarter (two in the first half of the quarter and two in the second half — this is in addition any assigned comments). Students must send an e-mail to the instructor no later than 27 November detailing these four comments.

5. Peer Group 3 Leads Discussion
Leaders [Amy, Jody, Kirk, Sarah Lane, Yu-Lan] position themselves around the room; remainder “counts off” 1-5. Sessions are approximately 15 minutes, then rotate. Regroup for more in-depth discussion.

Social Networking in Plain English:

6. Remaining book reviews
Check your digital locker

7. 3×5 card feedback/questions

  • How do online communities of the past differ from or mimic today’s communities, particularly in the area of identify?
  • How has tonight’s reading and discussion affected how you see community contributing to your research topic?

8. Triads meet to talk about first research paper

Supplemental resources

  • AnthroVlog
    This research site is used to collect and analyze information on today’s digital participation. It is part of a MacArthur-funded Digital Youth study being conducted by the University of Southern California.

Tonight’s Handout (pdf)

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