Week 7 – Class Notes

1. Multi-Media To Open The Evening

2. Your Work and Housekeeping

Remember, please, to categorize your posts! See using categories to organize content.

  • Reading / Reading Reflection / COM546 Reading
  • Discussion Leader (there should be two of these, one before class and one after)

This week’s questions

Peer Group 3 – Last Week’s Discussion Leaders

3. Research Papers – Exercise
Three handouts; work in triads.

4. Discussion Leaders
Group 5: Annie, Carie, Chris E, Maury, Yi-Yen

5. Reading Discussion
Peer Groups – Assigned Questions (someone keep notes & record!)

  1. How does ubiquitous advertising affect our quality of life? How would you react to a “pay to view” Internet service that offers information specific to your interests?
  2. What Internet-related “rights” and “freedoms” should be guaranteed by government action? Since the Internet is an international medium (infrastructure), who is ultimately responsible for online justice?
  3. How might uses and gratifications theory inform how eGovernment should serve citizens? What social and cultural factors might shape eGovernment services?
  4. What is one theme both articles reference, and why is it so important to our culture?
  5. What are some positive and negative aspects of the “commons” content space of the Internet? Why did you make your judgment?
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