Class Notes – Week 8

Lessig on TedTalks

Posts of Note – Questions

Discussion Group (5) Links

Reminder to all:

There should be two (2) posts related to your role as discussion leader; both should be labeled “discussion leader” so that I, and your fellow classmates, can find them! They should include links to your PPT and any YouTube clips or other media used in the presentation.

If you (those who have gone before Group 4) have not already done this — then send me an email with “discussion leader” in the subject line NLT Friday and include the links to the two posts. Thanks in advance; partial credit will accrue.

Note: there should be no posts on your blog that are “uncategorized”, and your categories should be visible in your navigation column. One of the skills you are learning with the forced categorization is how to publish a blog in a way that conforms with the norms of the blogosphere; another is information structure.

Peer Group Summaries, Week 7

  1. ?
  2. Keichii
  3. Kirk
  4. ?
  5. Yi-Jen

If your group summary did not appear on the class notes page the week after you were the note-taker, send me an email with “note-taker” in the subject line NLT Friday and include the link. Thanks in advance; partial credit will accrue if the post was late.

Review process for next three weeks

  • First paper due via Catalyst Monday
  • Comments due via email 27 Nov
  • Presentations (requirements, order)
    Order — feel free to swap amongst yourselves, just tell me!Week 9:
    Adri, Amy, Bonnie, Brian, Chris E, Garrett, Jody, Kirk, Mark, Michelle, Sarah L, Sharlen, TharaaWeek 10:
    Adam, Annie, Carie, Chris C, Corey, John, Katie, Keichii, Maury, Nate, Sarah F, Yen-Ching, Yi-Jen
  • PPTs due via Catalyst (DL and final presentation)
  • Final paper / annotated bibliography / PPT due on 11 Dec

Book Review (list of all reviews)

  1. On a piece of paper, answer these questions about the book you read:
    • What are the three most salient points in the book, from the perspective of this class?
    • Explain the most intriguing idea in the book to you, personally.
    • How does the book position its subject in a historical context?
  2. Group together by book title (2 groups for Cluetrain) and reach consensus on:
    • Three-five points
    • Two-three intriguing ideas
    • Consensus on positioning
  3. Each person in the group reports some of the findings to the class at large
  4. Someone posts discussion notes to their blog and sends me a link!

Before the end of class, give a printed copy of your review to each of your writing partners and one to me. Feedback to one another by next week’s class, in the manner you have agreed upon.

Reminder: all papers should be pages, not posts, and should be detailed/linked on your COM546 Papers page (see Adri’s or Corey’s blog if you don’t know what I mean).

Discussion Leaders
Group 4 leads

Reading Discussion

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of using IM (chat) for customer support versus a telephone? (consider both businesses and consumers)
  • In your project, how might you use Manovich’s theories to explain events? For example, #3 automation is a driver for Google News (recall issues around this raised by EPIC2015, from the first week of class).
  • Write – pair-and-share – turn in card (sign, please)
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