Week 9 – Class Notes


  • Book Reviews
  • Presentations
  • Papers

Book Reviews

1) Distribute
2) Explain marks

  • Check marks, left margin = grammatical, punctuation spelling errors
  • Circled words = confusing or inappropriate
  • Vertical line, left margin = highlights material that is well-written, insightful or creative
  • A question mark (?) means I don’t understand

3) Common errors

  • More “reporting” than “evaluating” and not linking the content to the course:
    • “Requirement: a 750-1000-word book review (not report) that positions the book in the context of the course.”
  • Failure to discuss authors (mention names, analyze credibility)
  • Empty claims (arguments lacked evidence)
  • Overly colloquial language
  • No recommendation

4) Stylistic observations:

  • It’s [1990s] not [1990’s or 90s or ’90s]
  • I would write “95 theses” not “ninety-five theses” … generally accepted (Chicago, AP, etc) style is to spell out numbers one through nine
  • “Dated” v “outdated”
  • Data: a plural, not singular, noun (data “are” not data “is”)
  • Subject-verb match
    • Books don’t “look” or “argue” … people do
    • When you chose a verb, make sure it is appropriate for your subject


  1. Amy
  2. Bonnie
  3. Brian
  4. Chris E
  5. Garrett
  6. Jody
  7. Kirk
  8. Mark
  9. Michelle
  10. Sarah L
  11. Sharlen
  12. Tharaa

next week:

  1. Adam
  2. Adri
  3. Annie
  4. Carie
  5. Corey
  6. John
  7. Katie
  8. Maury
  9. Nate
  10. Sarah F
  11. Yen-Ching
  12. Yi-Jen

Papers & Assignments

  • Grades are updated (does not include comments, weekend emails)
  • Discussion Leader PPT due Friday 30 November (CollectIt)
    • If you did not use a PPT, upload a plain text doc with a link to your blog post
    • Everyone: make sure you have links to any external media (youTube, etc) that you used during your presentation!
  • First paper – feedback available by next Tuesday
  • Discuss due date for second paper draft
    • I am the only person giving feedback on this paper
    • Currently – post to your blog as page – by Friday 30 November @ 7 pm
    • Revised date – Sunday 2 December @ 7 pm
  • Final paper / annotated bibliography / presentation PPT due on 11 Dec @ 7 pm (CollectIt)
  • Peer writing group feedback due on 11 Dec @ 7 pm (webQ)
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