Week 10 – Class Notes

Tonight’s agenda:

– Course evaluation
– Presentations
– Final Assignments
– Papers

1. Course evaluation
Need a volunteer to collect; will distribute and leave. Class will resume at 6.40.

2. Presentations

  1. Adam
  2. Adri (remote)
  3. Annie
  4. Carie
  5. Corey
  6. John
  7. Katie
  8. Maury
  9. Nate
  10. Sarah F
  11. Yen-Ching
  12. Yi-Jen

3. Final Assignments

  • Second paper and annotated bibliography
    • Post to Collect-It – revised due date: Fr 14 December @ 7 pm
    • Look for my comments on draft this Friday via email
    • EC points: provide feedback on your writing group member drafts by Sat; send me email with “EC Points” in subject line
  • Rewrite of first paper – post to Collect-It – due Fr 14 December @ 7 pm
  • Final paper (extended) – post to Collect-It – due Fr 28 December @ 7 pm
  • Peer Evaluations (webQ – Catalyst – due 7 pm Fr 14 Dec)
  • Grades
    • I think I’ve captured all the missing DL and note-taker posts — if I have not, send me an email with “Discussion Leader” or “Group Note Taker” in the subject line, NLT tomorrow (Wed) at 7 pm
    • Converted the “%” of grade to “points” — 15% = 150 points — total points, then, will be 1000. Percentages converted to grades on the syllabus. Note that class participation is indicated by the “checkmark” items but there is a qualitative component as well

4. Papers

  • Papers show diversity of interests and student creativity
  • Common pitfalls:
    • Generalizations, either without a notable source or without data to support the claim, such as -> “prices dropped dramatically” or “the technology was widely adopted”
    • Long blocks of narrative with facts and opinion but no sources cited
    • No clear timeline in the opening statement; think of the first paragraph as a signpost for the reader
    • Long quotations not set off as blockquotes (no points penalty for this)
  • Prices: helpful to “normalize” data for comparison across time; use CPI calculator
  • Still have APA citation issues. :-/
    • You really want to clean these up before the bibliography
  • Papers turned in late to Catalyst will get comments Thursday – electronically

While I run to the office to *get* the papers (unable to do this on breaks) … please answer these two questions (make-shift ‘3×5’ cards):

  • What is the most important concept you’ll take away from this quarter’s work?
  • If you had access to a crystal ball (or Doctor Who!) … and could “see” into 2013 … what advice would you have for today’s digital media policymakers or managers?

Thanks to everyone for a great quarter!

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