Week 2 – Post Class Note

Per listserv email:

I’ve tweaked the website for the course in the following manner:

(1) Everything related to “reading” (weekly readings, leading discussion about reading, book review) is on one page: https://com546.wordpress.com/syllabus/readings/

“Everything” includes examples and assessment criteria.

(2) Everything related to the “term project” is on one page:


This includes examples and the assessment criteria.

The “Assignments” page has been deleted. The syllabus has no details on readings or the term project; instead, it links to these two pages. However, details about the course itself, overall grading (points, etc) remains on the syllabus page.

Later tonight I’ll make these changes to the GoogleDoc one-pager.

(3) In the right-hand navigation menu, I have “indented” the two pages that have details about assignments.

Hope this makes things cleaner. If I’ve made things worse, please let me know ASAP!!

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