Week 2 – Post-Class Notes

Per listserv email:

Please check your blogs! I’m commenting on discussion posts and have already encountered the dreaded “your comment is awaiting moderation” advisory.

I strongly suggest that everyone turn OFF moderation for comments. One of the reasons to have us all in the WordPress sandbox is to make it easier for us to (a) manage spam while (b) making it easy for fellow students, Meg and me to make public comments.

The steps are:

(1) Log in to your WordPress account
(2) In Dashboard view, pick your com546 site (if you have multiple sites)
(3) Go to Settings
(next to the last nav heading in left had navigation space)
— Discussion
— De-select “An administrator must always approve the comment”
— Select “must be logged in”
— Save settings

See this screenshot for how I have my settings set to manage spam and minimize my having to administer comments.


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