Week 3 – Class Notes

Frameworks and Theories: Thinking About the Internet

  • Thoughts on Presentations  – Meg McGough
  • Lecture/Reading Discussion
  • Term Project



Lecture/Discussion Materials

Student blog posts:

Possible Discussion Questions Tonight:

    (1) What is the”disruptive innovation” in the advertising industry?
    (2) What low end disruptive innovations threaten broadcasters and what are possible responses?
    (1) When a technology that replaces the need for a skilled professional becomes ubiquitous amongst nonconsumers, how does this help or harm the economy?
    (2) What role has the Internet and digital technologies played in the current economic climate?
  • GOV’T:
    (1) The 1996 Telecommunications Reform act shook up the teleco industries in both positive and negative ways, drawing criticism about the effectiveness of government intervention. In light of this, under what circumstances do you think would cause government to regulate or deregulate Internet economies?
    (2) Christensen describes government as a major non-market player that impacts innovation.  What are some other non-market players?
    (3) [In addition to] the government, how [do] the other nonmarket factors, such as industry standards, unions, cultural norms, technology and so on, influence the innovators’ motivation and ability? How do these elements influence each other correspondently, then impact the innovator?
    (1) Over the last ten years we have seen huge growths in the mobile and social media markets of Asian countries. Why is the U.S. not right on the tails of these advancing technologies?
    (2) Christensen notes that “One bedrock finding from our research is that companies innovate faster than customers’ lives change” (p. 12) and this leads to overshooting and products that are too good.  If this is the case, then why aren’t U.S. innovations keeping up with the technologies of countries like Korea and Japan (Internet and mobile)? It seems as though U.S. customers’ lives are ready for more innovation.

Course Project:

(1) If you  haven’t done so, read comments from Meg and me
(2) Read the proposal of the people in your discussion group

1. Brian, Jeff, Renee, Suna
2. Christy, Harry, Jeremy, Rubi, Ziwen
3. Chris, Pei-Chieh, Ross, Yun Li
4. Chao-Wei, Vera, Paolo, Peter
5. Jen, Matthew, Michael, Xiaoqy, Yu-Hsuan

(3) Provide written feedback (comment)
(4) Divide into subject groups for brainstorming:

  • “Technology”: Brian, Christy, Jeff, Peter, Vera
  • “Community” – Chris, Harry, Jeremy, Matthew, Michael, Rebekah
  • Mobile Phones – Rubi, Xiaoqi, Yu-Hsuan, Ziwen
  • Music – Chao-Wei, Jen, Paolo, Pei-Chieh, Renee
  • NFP – Ross, Suna, Yun Li (ed)

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