Week 4 – Class Notes

Frameworks and Theories: Diffusion and Adoption

  • Housekeeping
  • Project Proposals – Meg
  • Lecture – Kathy
  • Discussion Leaders – Group 1
  • Analyze written work


Project Proposals – Meg

  • General feedback : no clear statement of “past-present-future”
  • General feedback : many people shared a popular, not scholarly source
  • General feedback : remember to spell check/grammar check

Lecture – PPT/Slideshare

Notes on color TV adoption:

U.S. Dept. of Commerce confirms TV’s selling power when it reports in May: “Television’s combination of moving pictures, sound and immediacy produces an impact that extends television as an advertising medium into the realm of personal sales solicitation.”

Color TV Introduction

  1. CBS-Columbia, in 1951
  2. 1954 Admiral, released for sale on December 30, 1953
  3. Westinghouse model H-840CK15, released in March 1954
  4. RCA model CT-100, released shortly after the Westinghouse in early 1954
  5. Zenith prototype sold to WGN-TV in Chicago in 1953 (date unknown)

Discussion Leaders

  1. Brian
  2. Jeff
  3. Renee
  4. Suna

Process: we’ll count off, 1-4. For round one, group one goes to Brian, group two to Jeff, etc. Peer teaching/discussion. Then presenters stay seated, students rotate. We’ll do this at least three times. Then we’ll come back as a group for thematic discussion:

  • Clip – It Happened One Night (related to Brian’s presentation)
  • What role do social media play in the innovation-decision process described by Rogers?
  • Thinking about hard drive technology, what are some emerging¬† technologies, how disruptive are they, and what long term potential do they have?

Then everyone will provide commentary on the blog post of the presentation that they did not hear and at least one that they did hear. DLs pick two peers for feedback.

Analyze Written Work

  • Read Time Zones and Communication
  • Note the citation format – a hybrid of APA and blog-genre. Is there anything about this citation format that is “new” to you? Does it make sense to you?
  • How is this essay a good example of a historical review (such as your first paper) and where is it lacking?
  • If the essay prompted questions which it did not answer — please jot them down as a comment to the post.

After everyone has a chance to do this individually, we’ll talk about it in small groups.


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