Week 4 – Post-Class Notes

Per email to listserv:

Hi, folks! Three quick points …

First, I found myself humming the theme song from Bonanza as I was putzing around the kitchen after I got home. Matt’s revenge! ;-)

Second, on the drive home, I was thinking about Ross’ observation that time zones were implemented by a private industry, adopted by local municipalities, but then appropriated by the federal government. And when were they appropriated? During WWI! (And following Germany’s lead.)

That led me to muttering to myself, not for the first time, about the impact that the military/defense has on communication and culture.

Third, some of you may be interested in this meeting Thursday:

UW Digital Media SIG meeting
Thursday, 29 Jan, from 3-4:30 PM in OUGL 220

Speaker: John Vallier, Head of Multimedia Services in the Odegaard Media Center, will talk about how he’s expanding access to the library’s media collection. There also will be time for conversation, whether it’s a problem you’re trying to solve, helpful hints that you want to share, or thoughts about the challenges and opportunities in the new year.

**Additional Agenda Item: UW Web Council members will join us for a discussion about central storage and publishing of video and images.

Warning: FF doesn’t like the security certificate and you should first be logged in to MyUW before trying to access the page.


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