Week 6 – Post Class Note

Content of tonight’s email:

(1) I have changed the due date for the first paper on the home page and Catalyst tools to Thursday at 9 pm.

(2) Extra-Credit Opportunities
Many of you have asked about extra credit opportunities. The answer is yes and is two-fold:

(a) As mentioned in class (and I think in email) you can write extra questions (beyond the two sets required)

(b) You can participate both in- and out of class (more commenting than asked by me). I’ll need you to provide some documentation for this (also, if you do not speak up in class, you should be commenting outside of class … and please provide me with some documentation).

(c) You can post two reading essays the next two weeks (instead of the one that is required).

(3) I forgot to click “submit” last night, so I had to recreate your thoughts from my memory. Take a look — if I missed your group’s contribution (not really an “if”) consider appending it — or anything you’ve thought of in the interim — as another comment.

(dadgumit – my second set did not post either!)


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