Week 7 – Post Class Note

Per listserv email:

Hi folks!

(1) I forgot to remind everyone last night to please provide feedback to one of the three discussion leader presenters (per the past three weeks) as well as to the person you did not hear (read and comment). For the presenters, please pick one of your peers to read& comment.

(2) Week 9 & 10 – presentations
Each student will have 8-10 minutes to present; there will be time for 2-3 minutes discussion. If you like, we can order-in pizza one or both weeks (please bring cash to chip in).

The schedule for Weeks 9 & 10 is on the home page & the students page:

Week 9
:: Chris, Harry, Matt, Paolo, Renee, Rebekkah, Rubi, Vera, Ziwen

Week 10
:: Brian, Chao-Wei,  Christy,  Filiz, Jeff, Jen,  Michael, Pei-Chieh, Peter, Ross, Suna, Yu-Hsuan, Yun Li, Xiaoqy

(3) The gradesheet has been refreshed to show readings and discussion leaders through week 6 (last week).

(4) Rubi was correct – I should have started last night with the positive rather than the negative. I was trying (not successfully, perhaps) to show that there were common issues, so that if one of those was identified on your paper, you wouldn’t feel like you were the only person.

Look for an email from me later today with your paper attached (Word doc). Be sure to turn the comments feature “on” to read the comments!

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