Week 10 – Student Presentations, Part 2

Final student presentations tonight!

  • Student Presentations
  • Housekeeping

Student Presentations

Distributed Feedback:
Provide feedback on content, how well slides integrate with content, relevance to class/course.
Group 1: Brian, Jeff, Pei-Chieh, Suna, Yu-Hsaun
Group 2: Christy, Jen, Peter, Vera, YunLi
Group 3: Filiz, Michael, Rene, Xioquy

1. Brian

Saving What Matters

2. Christy

Evolution of Internal Communication

3. Filiz

Evolution of Stock Photography

4. Jeff

Connectivity Wants To Be Free

5. Jen

Walkman to iPod

6. Michael

Blogs and Tribal Formation of NFL Fans

7. Pei-Chieh

Presentation Marketing

8. Peter

How Health Information Will Save Your Life

9. Renee

Digital Audio Workstations

10. Suna

NonProfit Communication Using Technology

11. Vera

Word’s Journey

12. Xiaoqy

Evolution of the Cell Phone

13. Yu-Hsuan

Final Presentation

(Slideshare will not load)

14. Yun Li

Technology and Distance Learning


  • Final Deliverables
    • Projects will be published as stand-alone (or integrated) WordPress websites;
    • Final presentations will be published on Slideshare.net
    • Final presentations uploaded to Catalyst CollectIt
    • Final project cited and linked in a blog post on your course blog NLT 18 March (6.00 pm)
  • Annotated bibliography (examples, tips)
  • Sample project (Chris, Rubi)
  • Questions about final deliverables?
  • Gradesheet updated
  • Evaluation forms
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