Week 1 – Class Notes

We’ll meet at 6 pm Wednesday in COM126. Our agenda for the evening:

  • Introduction to Course
  • Course Goals/Introductions/Peer Group Session
  • Thoughts on Presentations
  • Create WordPress Blog (if you haven’t already done so)


Lecture Materials

Course Project

Discussion of term project.

Other Info

Office Hours : by appointment
Office : 251B Communications Building.
Contact: If you need to reach me F/S/S the best thing is to mail me at both kegill – at uw – dot – edu AND kegill – at – gmail – dot – com and mark the mail urgent! Always use clear subject lines. (You can also DM me on Twitter.)

For Next Week

  • Before leaving tonight: Create your blog (WP How To’s). Be use to use an e-mail address that you can access from class so that you can activate the blog tonight! Create a post so that your blog is active. (Editing the “Hello, World” post does this, too.)
  • Everyone: Please send me an e-mail with the URL for your blog before leaving class.
  • Due Tuesday 12 January at noon: Preliminary project idea (blog post; feedback given and points assigned)
  • Due Wednesday 9 am: Blog post outlining your learning goals for the course; categorize as assignment or com546 (examples from last quarter)
  • Readings are on the home (schedule) page. You need to do three reading reflections over the course of the quarter and two posts with questions to help frame class discussion.
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