Week 3 – Frameworks and Theories: Thinking About the Internet


  • Lecture/Discussion
  • Presentations
  • Projects




  • Reminder: most of the essay should be reflection, not recap of reading(s); 500 word minimum
  • Danielle (link to lending), Elizabeth (Winston!),  Erika (link to netbooks, MSFT), Inge (think audience), Marc (Winston!), Nicole M (radio), Scott (start-ups) Shelby (questions, interviews), Stephen (Winston!)
  • Anna and Katia (last week’s article by Lessig)


  • Helen (1st)
    Winston states at the end of chapter 18 of Media, Technology and Society:

    “There is also little to support the idea that the net will become a crucial method for selling goods and services. Every system for avoiding shopping from the mail-order catalogue to the cable television shopping channel has never done more than provide, albeit profitably, niche services. One of the sillier facets of Information Revolution rhetoric is the belief that technology is urgently required to help people avoid going shopping or traveling on business. People like shopping and traveling.”(p 335)

    The success of Amazon.com and other online retailers have proven this statement to be overwhelmingly false. Does his inability to predict the future make you think less of his previous analysis? Do you see any personal biases (pro-travel/anti-shopping) on Winston’s account in this statement? Was this really a trend that even an educated academic could not predict? [Note: these are all closed questions – yes/no answers]

    Kathy adds:
    What are some of the differences between buying books and buying, for example, groceries? Of these two, which shopping experience is more “social” or more “risky” and why do you make that judgment? What structures (technology) and mores (society) must be in place before ecommerce can become viable? Why might buying books and music online “succeed” but buying groceries “not so much”? Why did supermarkets not take off in Europe like they did in the U.S.?

  • John (1st)
    what is the most likely next disruptive innovation in digital media that meets [Christensen’s] criteria: [people who are underserved by the status quo who also can live with imperfect technology]?
  • Xurxo (1st, optional reading):
    * In order to state how individuals—as potential consumers—decide to use the Internet and the kind of use they made of it, how reliable are models conceived for non-interactive mediums as TV or Radio?
    * If the Internet is still an information delivery medium, how much would Internet consumers value a live interaction with other users or customer services just before deciding on a purchase?

Book Review

  • Next deliverable (29 January)
  • If you haven’t yet picked a book, do so post haste!
  • If you’ll let me know your book selection, I’ll compile


  • Resource: storyboard template (to print)
  • Discussion leaders: Goal – 5-7 slides plus title and credit/contact (see list)
  • Info on visuals in PPT: This is from Microsoft. The file (.mht) isn’t readable by non-MSIE browsers, so I’ve uploaded it here as a PDF for Mac folks. Hopefully I won’t get dinged for a copyright infringement.
  • In pairs – poke around Slideshare.net for good/bad examples of presentations; search based on your research keywords! Post a comment to this blog post with one example of each + why. And tell me who’s in the group. :-)

Persuasive Presentations – how to get the response you need by Nick Souter, Sterling Publishing

  • Chapter 2 – The Who
  • Chapter 3 – The What

Presentation Zen – Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery by Garr Reynolds, New Riders

  • Chapter 3 – Planning Analog
  • Chapter 4 – Crafting the Story
  • Chapter 5 – Simplicity
  • Chapter 6 – Presentation Design (look through the presentations at the back of the book)

Both books are well worth reading and rereading.


  • Link to everyone’s proposals (recommend looking at those with *)
  • Project buddies:
    (1)  Anna, Erika, Marc, Shelby
    (2)  Antika, Nicole C,  Xurxo
    (3) Danielle, Helen, Inge, Sam
    (4) Dean, Katia, Lynne,  Melissa
    (5) Elizabeth, Janna, Lisa, Scott
    (6) John, Nicole M, Rose, Stephen
  • 140 character blurb
  • If you want to revisit your proposal, please send me an email before 9 am TH; they need to be final by 6 pm on Friday.


Note that the information you need will be available in almost every citation – but all are not APA style. We are all using APA style because standardization makes my life easier and yours, too. :-)

Use the basic form for a periodical:

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year, Month Date). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), pages. Retrieved from URL.

Thus, this cite:


Morton, J. (2008, December). It Could Be Worse. American Journalism Review, 30(6) 52. Retrieved from Ebscohost.com, University of Washington Library
(Note: please link “deep” to the article itself)

APA no longer requires “retrieve date” for articles found in databases, but you will need to include the date for general web access. I do want you to provide information about the database, even though APA now considers this optional information, because it will make it easier for your classmates (and for me) to “see” your sources.

NOTE: this is not a scholarly article; it is an op-ed (and is identified as such in the abstract). There are no sources cited in the (very short) essay, which is another clue that this source doesn’t meet the “scholarly” test.

Other electronic sources citation formats, via Purdue OWL.

Assignments For Next Week

  • Regular weekly reading assignment
  • Slideshare assignment (in-class)
  • Book Review: 29 January


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