Week 3 – Projects Update

Projects Update – post-class post (linked to your name) and “final” project idea (linked to the summary statement)

Entries marked with (*) are recommended for you to review.

Many of these are sketchy or incomplete, with no bibliographic reference. Many of the “lab” posts had no annotation; some did not contain copy&paste of even the article abstract. (Reminder: an abstract is not an “annotation” — annotations should explain – in your words – how you see this resource as contributing to your knowledge/research). Most are not APA citation format. If there is no link, there was no live post as of noon Wednesday.

  1. AnnaSocial Networks and Facebook
  2. Antika – Broadcast TV in Thailand
  3. DanielleDigital Animation
  4. DeanTechnology and Recorded Music
  5. Elizabeth * – HCI and Product Design
  6. ErikaThe Rise of Social Photography *
  7. HelenEvolution of the Recipe *
  8. IngeMobile Infrastructure and The Digital Divide *
  9. JannaEvolution of Telephony Advertising: From Landlines to Mobile Devices
  10. John – Evolution of Newspaper Business Models
  11. KatiaVisual Communication: The Shift From Paper to Pixels
  12. Lisa – Evolution of Communications In The Fashion Industry
  13. Lynne – Telemetry
  14. MarcCable license renewal on Vashon
  15. MelissaAugmented Reality: Getting To A Future State
  16. Nicole CThe Evolution of “Watching TV”
  17. Nicole MThe Evolution of Radio: An Exploration of Pivotal Events in the History of Radio and their Effects on Listenership *
  18. Rose * – Analysis of Hyper-Local News
  19. Sam –  Machine Translation of Technical Documentation
  20. Scott – Evolution of the Land Line
  21. Shelby –  Flash Mobs For Business
  22. StephenThe Practice of Professional Photojournalism
  23. XurxoLive Sports Broadcasting

Assignment Details:

Due Thursday 15 January at midnight: a blog post with an annotated scholarly resource, APA style citation.

Final project idea due Tuesday 19 January at noon
(blog post; feedback given and points assigned)

* Thesis Statement – brief, should include a research question (what is a thesis statement?)
* Statement of Intent – this statement should indicate how you envision breaking your subject into past – present – future. A reminder: 2010 is “the future” not “the present” for most of you — ditto 2009 for many.
* At least one source – APA style with annotation

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