week 4 – Frameworks and Theories: Diffusion and Adoption

  • Watch SOTU (State of the Union)
  • Discussion iPad in terms of diffusion/adoption theory
  • Projects: discussion in book groups


  • Book review due date changed from Friday 29 January at noon to  Monday 1 February at noon
  • Feedback on proposals via /email/ Thursday

Evolution of “Television”


Dissecting the iPad

  • Set up (mini-lecture: PPT)
  • iPad – watch video
  • Small groups:

    • What factors have led to the adoption of computing technologies?
    • What are product origins of iPad (“evolution” from what?)
    • Identify: supervening social necessity; accelerators; suppression agents, tactics
    • Why “middle majority” might not buy yet
    • What products are threatened and why? How should/might they respond?
    • Why might Apple have stumbled on the name?

Discussion – Books

I’m making the assumption that everyone has at least read /part/ of their book. For this discussion:

  • How has the book changed (or reinforced) your perceptions of your research topic?
  • How might you incorporate this info into your paper?
  • How does the book illustrate theories we’re talking about in class?
  • What are areas of consensus and disagreement?


  • Being Digital / Cluetrain / P2P / Telephone (Elizabeth, Inge, Marc, Sam, Scott)
  • Code 2.0, Rainbows End, We The Media (Danielle, Dean, Helen, Melissa, Rose, Stephen)
  • Smart Mobs / Six Degrees / Virtual Community (Erika, Janna, Lynne, Nicole M, Shelby)
  • The Victorian Internet (Anna, Antika, John, Katia, Lisa, Xurxo)

Book Reviews:

  • Be sure to include basic info (title, author, when published)
  • More interested in analysis than summary, but you need to provide enough summary so that someone who has not read the book ‘gets’ the points you are going to make — don’t spend a lot of time (words) on info that you aren’t going to critique!
  • Focus on what author got right/wrong if there are future projections
  • Focus on implications for your research area
  • Be sure to make a recommendation in your closing graph (e.g., who should or should not read the book and why; if it should be part of your library or recycled through HalfPrice Books; whether this book makes you more or less likely to read something else by the same author)


  • Book review due Friday 29 January at noon Monday 1 February at noon
    (choose from selected list; try to pick a book that will relate to your project)
  • Discussion Group 1 : Dean, Helen, Nicole M, Scott
    Goal – 5-7 slides plus title and credit/contact. All will be shared on Slideshare.net. Each presentation and question session will be about 10 minutes. It’s much harder to give an effective short presentation than a long one! You will “give” your presentation 3-4 times in small groups.
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