week 5 – we’ve been down this road before

We’ve Been Down This Road Before: From The Telegraph To The Radio


  • Framing
  • Discussion Leaders : Group 1
  • Discussion : Book Reviews
  • Discussion : Projects


Q: How can the Toyota recall fix serve as a lesson for entrant microprocessors’ manufacturers when they are trying to speed up their processes?

Discussion Leaders

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Discussion – Book Reviews

  • Break into “book groups”
  • Identify areas of agreement, disagreement; relevances to course; points other class members need to know
  • Pick a spokesperson who will share the summary with the rest of the class
  • Book review stats (chart)
  • Book review observations (I’ll give them to you at the end of class)


  • Being Digital – Elizabeth, Marc
  • Cluetrain – Nicole C, Sam
  • Code 2.0/ Transparent Society – Antika, Dean
  • Rainbows End – Danielle, Melissa
  • Smart Mobs / Six Degrees / Virtual Community – Erika, Janna, Lynne, Nicole M, Shelby
  • Telephone – Inge, Scott
  • The Victorian Internet – Anna, John, Katia, Lisa, Xurxo
  • We The Media – Helen, Rose, Stephen

Discussion – Projects

Project Buddies:
(1)  Anna, Erika, Marc, Shelby
(2)  Antika, Nicole C,  Xurxo
(3) Danielle, Helen, Inge, Sam
(4) Dean, Katia, Lynne,  Melissa
(5) Elizabeth, Janna, Lisa, Scott
(6) John, Nicole M, Rose, Stephen

Closing Video (set up for next week)


  • Preliminary annotated bibliography due Friday 5 February at noon
    (blog post; feedback given and points assigned; minimum of six sources, three must be scholarly sources)
    Points: 25
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