Week 10 – Presentations

Our last class together is devoted to student presentations about their research for the quarter. The presentation order was determined by a random number generator:

  1. Dean HudsonMusic In Disruption (slideshare)
  2. Melissa Bird-VogelGoogle Books (ppt)
  3. Katia Farage – title (slideshare)
  4. John StangNewspapers: Bridge From Past To Future (slideshare)
  5. Rose Egge – title (slideshare)
  6. Nicole MaroutsosHow Radio Programming Has Adopted With Technology (slideshare)


  1. Shelby BarnesFlash Mobs: Experiment Turned Fad (slideshare)
  2. Lynne WatanabeTelemetry (slideshare)
  3. Lisa Li – title (slideshare)
  4. Danielle Gatsos – title (slideshare, video clip)
  5. Janna Quedado – title (slideshare)


  1. Inge Scheve – title (slideshare)
  2. Marc Pease – title (slideshare)
  3. Antika EmyaemThailand’s TV Broadcasting (slideshare)
  4. Anna PanPast, Present and Future of Facebook (slideshare)
  5. Sam AitymbetovThe Evolution of Machine Translation (slideshare)

Questions about final project and course evaluations

word count

Word Count In Present-Future Paper


  • Final paper, final slides and annotated bibliography (Catalyst CollectIt document) due 17 March (6 pm)
  • Web version of paper/biblio due 19 March (6 pm)
  • Both the presentation and web-delivered version of your paper should be “announced” via blog post (a best practice, thinking about your RSS feed as a content distribution system).
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