Week 3 : Frameworks and Theory


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Questions for thought/discussion

  • What are some of the differences between buying books and buying, for example, groceries? Of these two, which shopping experience is more “social” or more “risky” and why do you make that judgment? What structures (technology) and mores (society) must be in place before ecommerce can become viable? Why might buying books and music online “succeed” but buying groceries “not so much”? Why did supermarkets (bricks-and-mortar) not take off in Europe like they did in the U.S.?
  • In order to state how individuals—as potential consumers—decide to use the Internet and the kind of use they made of it, how reliable are models conceived for non-interactive mediums as TV or Radio?
  • If the Internet is still an information delivery medium, what might be the value of having a live interaction with other users or customer services just before deciding on a purchase?


  • Groups of three. Read the other two proposals, then ask one another clarifying questions.


Note that the information you need will be available in almost every citation – but all are not APA style. We are all using APA style because standardization makes my life easier and yours, too. :-)

Use the basic form for a periodical:

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year, Month Date). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), pages. Retrieved from URL.

Thus, this cite:


Morton, J. (2008, December). It could be worse. American Journalism Review, 30(6) 52. Retrieved December 1,2009 from Ebscohost.com, University of Washington Library
(Note: please link “deep” to the article itself and include a DOI if one exists)
  • APA no longer requires “retrieve date” for articles found in databases, but you must include the date for general web access and I still include it for journal articles.
  • I do want you to provide information about the database, even though APA now considers this optional information, because it will make it easier for your classmates (and for me) to “find” your sources.

NOTE: this is not a scholarly article; it is an op-ed (and is identified as such in the abstract). There are no sources cited in the (very short) essay, which is another clue that this source doesn’t meet the “scholarly” test.

Other electronic sources citation formats, via Purdue OWL.


  • Regular weekly reading assignment
  • Slideshare assignment (in-class)
  • Discussion Leaders
    Presentation: Maximum of seven (7) slides including title and closing credit/contact. All will be shared on Slideshare.net.
    Week 1: Lisa, Mike, Rachael, Ruba, Zanna
  • Book Review: Tuesday 26 April at noon


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