week 4 – Frameworks and Theories: Diffusion and Adoption


  • Housekeeping
  • Lecture/Discussion
  • Book Review Discussion
  • Project Discussion


  • Gradesheet
  • Reading essays: Elise (Starbucks and Christensen), Joanna (illustrated, clearly linked theories to personal experience), Josh (Rogers & Twitter), Tarja (pop culture and theories), Teri (personal experience)


  • Lecture (PPT/Slideshare)


  • It Happened One Night (1934)
    * “Scoop”
    * $2.60 (1934) -> $43.36 (2011)

Discussion Leaders

Week 1: Lisa, Mike, Rachael, Ruba, Zanna

Process: we’ll count off, 1-5. Peer teaching/discussion commences. Then presenters stay seated, students rotate. We’ll do this at least three times. Then we’ll come back as a group for thematic discussion.

  • What role do social media play in the innovation-decision process described by Rogers?
  • Thinking about hard drive technology, what are some emerging technologies, how disruptive are they, and what long term potential do they have?

Everyone should provide commentary/feedback on two DL blog posts: one that you heard and one that you didn’t. DLs have a breather. :-)

Thinking About Presentations

  • Lecture (PPT/Slideshare)
  • Working in pairs, search Slideshare.net and find at least one “good” and one “bad” example presentation related to course topics or your research topics. Please comment on this post with your examples (links!) and a short explanation. Tell me the names of the folks in the pair, please. :-)
  • General discussion : why did you pick those presentations?

Book Review Discussion

I’m making the assumption that (almost) everyone has read /part/ of their book. For this discussion:

  • How has the book changed (or reinforced) your perceptions of your research topic?
  • How might you incorporate this info into your project paper?
  • How does the book illustrate theories we’re talking about in class?

Book Reviews:

  • Be sure to include basic info (title, author, when published). Usually this is at the beginning or the end of the review.
  • We are more interested in analysis than summary, but you need to provide enough summary so that someone who has not read the book ‘gets’ the points you are going to make — don’t spend a lot of time (words) on info that you aren’t going to critique!
  • Analyze what author got right/wrong if there are future projections
  • Focus on implications for your research area
  • Be sure to make a recommendation in your closing graph (e.g., who should or should not read the book and why; if it should be part of your library or recycled through HalfPrice Books; whether this book makes you more or less likely to read something else by the same author)
  • The audience for this review is “the world” not “the class”

Project Proposals

  • General feedback : no clear statement of “past-present-future”
  • General feedback : many people shared a popular, not scholarly source
  • General feedback : remember to spell check/grammar check

Project “buddies”:

  1. Adv/Mkt: Mike, Navni, Teri
  2. Biz: Lara, Mandy, Tarja
  3. Community: Karen, Lisa, Rachael
  4. Entertainment: Evan, Josh
  5. Finance : Joanna, Zanna
  6. Media: Cathy, Derek, Louise, Madeline, Ting (break into two groups!)
  7. Mobile: Coco, Corey
  8. Music: Elise, Eric
  9. Politics: Ruba, Thor
  10. Tech In “Space” : Dominique, Jackie


  • Regular weekly reading assignment
  • Discussion Leader extra-credit oppty: reflection on experience by Friday – see assignments page
  • Book review due Tu 26 April at noon
  • Discussion Leaders
    Presentation: Maximum of seven (7) slides including title and closing credit/contact. All will be shared on Slideshare.net
    DL Group 2: Cathy,Elise, Evan, Navni, Thor
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