Week 5 – We’ve been down this road before

From The Telegraph To The Radio


  • Project Deliverables (vote)
  • Tonight’s Framing
  • Discussion Leaders
  • Book Review Discussion
  • Guy Kawasaki on presentations
  • Closing (set up for next week)

Project Deliverables

A proposal from me to you (vote here):

  • Change the due date for annotated bibliography to next Tuesday and make it 25 points (now 50 points) extra credit instead of required
  • Change the points for the May 10 theoretical framework from 25 to 50
  • Change final annotated bibliography points from 75 total to 100


1. The Shrinking Radio (precursor to Moore’s Law?)

What does this mean?

  • Processing Power: Doubles Every 18 Months
  • Storage Capacity: Doubles Every 12 Months
  • Bandwidth (“The Network”): Doubles Every 9 Months

Digital data is advancing at least as fast, and probably faster, than Moore’s Law,” said Michael Norman, director of [San Diego Supercomputer Centre (SDSC), University of California].

2. Network Effects & Infrastructure Monopolies

Reading Resource: The Memex Simulator : Kevin Kelly (What Technology Wants, On The Next 5,000 Days of The Web)

Update From Forrester:

Internet Radio Listenership

Where Do We Listen To Radio?

Discussion Leaders

  • Cathy (K), Elise (LL), Evan (K),  Joanna (LL), Navni (K), Thor (K)
  • Like last week, comment on two DL posts (one that you heard, one that you did not)

Discussion – Book Reviews

  • Break into “project buddy groups”
  • Identify relevance to course themes; points other class members need to know
  • Pick a spokesperson who will share the summary with the rest of the class
  • Book review list

Project “buddies”:

  1. Adv/Mkt: Mike, Navni, Teri
  2. Biz: Lara, Mandy, Tarja
  3. Community: Karen, Lisa, Rachael
  4. Entertainment: Evan, Josh
  5. Finance : Joanna, Zanna
  6. Media: Cathy, Derek, Louise, Madeline, Ting (break into two groups!)
  7. Mobile: Coco, Corey
  8. Music: Elise, Eric
  9. Politics: Ruba, Thor
  10. Tech In “Space” : Dominique, Jackie

Closing Video


  • Accepted: Preliminary annotated bibliography (EC) Tuesday May 3rd at noon
    (blog post; feedback given and points assigned; minimum of seven scholarly sources) Points: 25
  • Regular weekly reading assignment
  • Discussion Leader extra-credit oppty: reflection on experience by Friday – see assignments page
  • Discussion Leaders
    Presentation: Maximum of seven (7) slides including title and closing credit/contact. All will be shared on Slideshare.net
    DL Group 3: Jackie, Karen, Lara, Teri, Ting
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  • Kathy E. Gill  On 26 April 2011 at 8:18 pm

    Book Reviews:

    1) Adv/Mkt -> evolution has been reactive – purpose remains the same – tools and methods have changed dramatically. Overall trend -> fragmentation of media options – audiences more selective – diverse

    2) Biz -> “information” how it is shared and stored

    3) Community -> supervening social necessity was a need to come together to create a place to be heard – did not previously exist

    4) Entertainment -> benefits and drawbacks of convergence culture – how media are converging (The Matrix across media) – we are in the midst of this development – line btwn content creators and consumers is blurring – how disruptive? we don’t know yet

    5) Finance -> Victorian Internet -> telegraph sped up commerce in a similar way that Internet affected online trades. Both cut out middlemen and reduced costs (at least in theory). Telegraph increased number of people participating in global commerce. Internet allows biz to more easily hear what customers are saying.

    6) Media 1 -> not much common ground (Madeline/Louise) – marketing creates wants/needs (supervening social necessities) that aren’t always really there. Not only does advertising mirror society but also creates society. When a disruptive technology is birthed, power struggles follow (and the pattern repeats itself).

    7) Media 2 -> credibility issue (WtM + VI). Electric telegraph struggled to be accepted. Line between journalist and “blogger” raises questions of credibility.

    8) Mobile -> common theme “telegraph” – Master Switch about corporate structure and cycles of technology.

    9) Music -> VI + Social Life of Info – internet extension of telegraph. Digital evolution, parallels between telegraph and internet. Info has value with context, not just as info; avoid tech for tech sake.

    10) Politics -> Smart Mobs/Psych of Media and Politics – Politicians are losing control of message – journalists are losing trust from viewers. versus. Groups looking for reasons to trust.

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