Week 8 : Thinking About The Future


  • Discussion Leaders
  • Reading Discussion
  • Projects – preparing for the presentations (catalyst link)
  • Week 10 – do we want to order in (pizza or whatever?)
  • Q: if we were to offer an “advanced” class fall dealing with “social media” — what might you be interested in learning?
  • Student page updated with links to everyone’s DL presentation – remember to embed your slideshares (many are linked, not embedded)

Discussion Leaders

  • Coco (TV), Derek (TV), Eric (politics), Dominique (TV), Mandy (info systems)
  • Like last week, comment on two DL posts (one that you heard, one that you did not)



Project Presentations

  • Week 9 : three cheers for Jackie, Joanna, Mandy, Mike, Navni, Rachael, Ruba, Thor
  • Week 10 (everyone else!)

Project Discussion
Questions for tonight: discuss what you think are the key points that you want your classmates to know about your projects – this is a trial-run/brainstorming session for Friday’s deliverable
  1. Adv/Mkt: Mike, Navni, Teri
  2. Biz: Lara, Mandy, Tarja
  3. Community: Karen, Lisa, Rachael
  4. Entertainment: Evan, Josh
  5. Finance : Joanna, Zanna
  6. Media: Cathy, Derek, Louise, Madeline, Ting (break into two groups!)
  7. Mobile: Coco, Corey
  8. Music: Elise, Eric
  9. Politics: Ruba, Thor
  10. Tech In “Space” : Dominique, Jackie


  • Regular weekly reading assignment – EC opportunity week 9
  • Discussion Leader extra-credit oppty: reflection on experience by Friday – see assignments page (Example: Jackie, Tarja)
  • DLs: please go back and make sure your presentations are EMBEDDED not just linked — so you know that you know how to embed for the final project. See “how to” below.
  • Draft PPT presentations (optional) due Friday May 20 at 6 pm (changed from noon —  I’ll review next week’s presenters first) — upload to Catalyst
    • Maximum of seven (7) slides; title and credit/contact slides are required
    • Maximum time – 10 minutes including questions so prepare for 7-minute talk
    • Use principles from Presentation Zen. Points deducted for a “traditional” PPT presentation
    • All presentations are to be shared on Slideshare.net, and there should be a blog post announcing the upload.
    • How to Embed SlideShare presentation into WP.com blog
  • Thursday – optional – draft paper at noon – upload to Catalyst
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