week 10 : presentations

We wrap up our presentations this evening!

  • Note: gradesheet has not been changed since last week!
  • Kudos to Madeline for tweeting everyone’s presentations last week while I was out of pocket (both devices occupied)
  • TypeWith.Me Pizza Ordering Form

How to procede? Flip a coin? Draw numbers out of a hat? Pick the person whose birthday is closest to today and let them pick?

  1. Cathy – http://cathybritt.wordpress.com – PBS, America’s Largest Classroom (6th)
  2. Coco (Ko Yun) – http://cocouw.wordpress.com – Mobile In Japan (9th – 1st after food break)
  3. Corey – http://coreyac.com/weblog/evolutions-trends – US Mobile Market (1st speaker)
  4. Derek – https://derekjwalker.wordpress.com – Broadcast graphics (4th)
  5. Dominique – http://dominiquebarni.wordpress.com – The Handheld Museum (7th)
  6. Elise – http://mydigitaldiscovery.wordpress.com – Music Distribution (16th)
  7. Eric – http://mcdmstudent.wordpress.com – Digital Music (5th – 1st after break)
  8. Evan – http://evanwestmedia.wordpress.com – Transmedia (10th)
  9. Josh – http://samsonj.wordpress.com – Video Games as Narrative Form (12th)
  10. Lara – https://laraunderhill.wordpress.com – Employee Communication (2nd)
  11. Lisa – http://lisamcdm10.wordpress.com – Sports Fans (13th)
  12. Louise – http://louisemaxwell.wordpress.com – Radio Drama (11th)
  13. Madeline – http://madmoy.wordpress.com – How the automobile drove the restaurant review business (14th -1st after the last break)
  14. Tarja – http://tik10mcdm.wordpress.com – Networked Information Society (15th)
  15. Teri – http://teriwieg.wordpress.com – From Flyers to Facebook (17th)
  16. Ting – http://kangting21.wordpress.com – Evolution of Media & Impact on Jrl (8th)
  17. Zanna – http://zannabrazil.wordpress.com – Money Transfer – Telegraph to Mobile Transfer (3rd)


  • Tuesday June 7 at 6 pm – Catalyst – paper, annotated bibliography. I’d appreciate your PPTs if they aren’t downloadable off of Slideshare
  • Wednesday June 8 at 6 pm – WP sites published with a blog post announcing the fact (thinking about self-promotion)


  • Course Evaluations Tonight!
  • Remember – intro -> get to the point, engage our attention quickly then tell us what the paper is about: clearly, precisely. This is the roadmap – essential for this type of writing. Essential for good business writing, too.
  • Conclusion -> rests on everything that came before it (no new info) and restates (in an interesting way) the opening.
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