Students 2009

Links to student blogs and assignment of discussion/peer groups

  1. Brian Johnson (bcj@)
  2. Chao-Wei Wu
  3. Chris Caravello
  4. Christy Luther (celuther@)
  5. Filiz
  6. Harry Hayward
  7. Jeff Hora
  8. Jennifer A. Huss
  9. Jui-Lun (Vera) Hsu
  10. Matthew Stringer (mattso)
  11. Michael Bean (mfb83@)
  12. Paolo Mottola
  13. Pei-Chieh Chen (peichieh@)
  14. Peter Luyckx (peterlux@)
  15. Rebekah Peterson
  16. Renee Dupree
  17. Ross Reynolds (rar@)
  18. Rubi Romero
  19. Suna M. Gurol (sgurol@)
  20. Xiaoqi Ye (xiaoqy@)
  21. Yu-Hsuan Chen (yuhsuan@)
  22. Yun Li
  23. Ziwen Liu

Discussion/Peer Groups

  1. Brian, Jeff, Renee, Suna
  2. Christy, Harry, Filiz, Rubi, Ziwen
  3. Chris, Pei-Chieh, Rebekkah, Ross, Yun Li
  4. Chao-Wei, Vera, Paolo, Peter
  5. Jen, Matthew, Michael, Xiaoqy, Yu-Hsuan

Student Presentations
Week 9:
Chao-Wei Chris, Harry, Matt, Paolo, Rebekkah, Ross, Rubi, Vera, Ziwen
Brian, Chao-Wei, Christy, Filiz, Jeff, Jen, Michael, Pei-Chieh, Peter, Renee, Suna, Yu-Hsuan, Yun Li, Vera, Xiaoqy


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