week 10 : presentations

We wrap up our presentations this evening!
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week 9 : more crystal ball


  • Housekeeping
  • DL Presentations (round one)
  • Thinking About The Future

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Week 8 : Thinking About The Future


  • Discussion Leaders
  • Reading Discussion
  • Projects – preparing for the presentations (catalyst link)
  • Week 10 – do we want to order in (pizza or whatever?)
  • Q: if we were to offer an “advanced” class fall dealing with “social media” — what might you be interested in learning?
  • Student page updated with links to everyone’s DL presentation – remember to embed your slideshares (many are linked, not embedded)

Week 7 : Frameworks and Theories

Frameworks and Theories: Computer-Mediated Communication and Hypertext


  • Discussion Leaders
  • Discussion: What Is The Digital Tragedy Of The Commons? + Skype
  • Projects (gradesheet updated)

Project Methodologies

Project methodologies – for use in class discussion

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