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Post-Discussion Leader Reflections

Here’s a list of the extra-credit posts on what you all learned while acting as small group discussion leader. If I missed your post, apologies (and send me the link!).


post class note – book review edition

To recap … anyone who wants to rework the book review can do so. You need to let me know when it’s been reworked (send me an email). Please do this before we meet again next week. Also, if you want the electronic copy, without written comments, let me know. (Dean, Erika – I’ll convert handwritten notes to Word notes and email to you tomorrow. Shelby, do you want to see this now or when you get back?)

I forgot to explain the margin shorthand:

I = introduction
S = summary
A = analysis
C = conclusion

Reviews that stand out from the crowd:

PS: A pic from class

week 3 – post class notes

Per listserv

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Week 1 Follow Up

Copy of email sent moments ago:

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Week 7 – Post Class Note

Per listserv email:

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