2009 Projects

Projects from Winter 2009.

  1. Brian Johnson – The Medium Is The Archive: Saving What Matters
  2. Chao-Wei Wu – Finding A Way Out For The Record Industry
  3. Chris Caravello – The Past, Present and Future of Online Communities
  4. Christy Luther – Internal Communication Evolution and Trends
  5. Filiz Efe – Evolution of Stock Photography
  6. Harry Hayward – Penny Press To Digital: Does History Repeat Itself?
  7. Jeff Hora – Connectivity Wants To Be Free
  8. Matthew Stringer – Electronic Dating
  9. Michael Bean – Electronic Dating
  10. Paolo Mottola – The Discord of U.S. Copyright Law, Music and Technology
  11. Pei-Chieh Chen – Evolution of Music Marketing
  12. Peter Luyckx – Opportunities for disruptive change in the health information industry
  13. Rebekah Peterson – Crafting Community
  14. Renee Dupree – Digital Audio Workstations
  15. Ross Reynolds – What Is The Business of Public Radio?
  16. Rubi Romero – Past, Present and Future: Telephony in Mexico
  17. Suna Gurol – Non-Profit Communication and Technology
  18. Yu-Hsuan Chen – Past, Present and Future of the Mobile Phone
  19. Vera (Jui-Lun) Hsu – The Evolution of Books: From Papyrus to ePaper
  20. Ziwen Liu – Shaizhai v Smart Phone (China)


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