Christy Luther

Internal Communication Evolution and Trends

As a mode of interaction for an inherently social species, communication is a natural part of human behavior. Within the business world, communication can greatly impact the flow of business and employee behavior. A key to effective internal communication is a strong skill set in communication, including basic skills in listening, questioning, speaking, and providing feedback. Over the years, technologies have been developed to help facilitate the process and have instigated a shift from mediated to person-to-person communication.

This paper will demonstrate that internal communication has evolved over time in response to new technology as well as new theories of communication and management. These points can be argued through the identification of past attitudes regarding the importance of internal communication and examples communication tools. This is relevant because it is a foundation for the notion that internal communication is an ever-evolving process shaped by new technology and new thought processes. A broad spectrum of communication theory can be used to guide the assessment. Through this framework, the ground can be laid for predictions about the future of internal communications



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