Yu-Hsuan Chen

Past, Present and Future of the Mobile Phone

The intention of this term project is to examine past, present phone functions and to explore the potential functionalities in future mobile phones. Through a careful examination into the momentous historic events in the technical development process of telephone, radio and subsequent mobile telephony, as well as how the society reflected upon these events, people can gain valuable knowledge and insight into how technological, economic, political and social factors intertwined to affect the treatment, adoption and diffusion of innovative communications technologies. With rapid technical progress, the mobile communications had been transferred from analogue to digital, the physical mobile devices were made of from vacuum tubes to transistors, and the communication services had extended from voice to data. Eventually, by linking the past experience into modern mobile development, we are able to paint a much clear picture which helps people not only look at the past to gain a perspective on the present but also predict and imagine what mobile phones you will have in the near future.


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